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GEODIS Flexible Labor

What is the GEODIS Flexible Labor Program?

The Flexible Labor program is set up to provide opportunities to individuals to pick up work when it works for their schedule, and there is a need at our Distribution Centers. Because the volume we need to process is different every day, our needs vary every day and this program helps us cover demand and provide income earning opportunities to more members of our community, while servicing our customer needs faster.

What type of work do you offer?

The work opportunities that we currently have are in warehousing functions (picking, packing, unloading and a variety of Power Industrial Truck (PIT) functions). We have a particular need for teammates that have experience in, or are willing to learn how to operate Electric Pallet Jacks and pick cases of product.

Are you still working despite the COVID-19 concerns and stay-at-home orders?

Yes. GEODIS is considered a critical and essential provider of logistics and distribution for the country right now, as we provide goods that Americans need – some of which are critical to sustain life. As such, we will continue to work, and have taken many precautionary measures such as extra cleaning and sanitizing throughout the day and between shifts, requirement to maintain adequate social distancing, and elimination of meetings that are not able to maintain the distance needed to keep our teammates safe.

Why work Flexible hours?

Flexible hours allow you to work when you are available and want to work in order to earn more money. Teammates in this program are not locked into a fixed schedule, and are able to choose which shifts work for them as they become available.

Will you guarantee me hours?

No. This program is set up to offer hours when we have volume to support. But that happens a lot. If you are looking for this to be a full time job, it may not be the program for you.

Who can apply?

Anyone over the age of 18! Current and past GEODIS, local Warehouse employees, stay-at-home parents, students and anyone who wants the opportunity to work extra hours. We will perform background checks, as that is part of our standard hiring procedures.

What if I already have a full time job?

Great! You may already even have the skills we are looking for if you work in a local warehouse. (we will train you either way). We want you to keep your job, and the benefits you have earned there (raises, vacation time, etc). We are hoping to have you work with us when you have the time and are excited about coming in for more hours.

Do I get benefits?

As a Flexible Hours teammate, you are not eligible for benefits, but if the opportunity to become a full-time teammate arises, and this is something you are interested in, it is an easy transition since you will already be an employee of GEODIS.

How do I sign up?

You can apply on the GEODIS website. If we decide you are a fit, and are onboarded there will be sign up session and you will be trained to use the “Shyft” App for your smartphone, which will be the mechanism to communicate opportunities to work.